Anonymous asked: do you have or want any piercings or tats?

i have several ear piercings and a nipple piercing. i want several more piercings over the course of time like a labret piercing and a clitoral hood piercing but i don’t know yet, i’m in no hurry. as for tattoos, i don’t have any, but i certainly do want some. in general i don’t like tattoos of different objects, or like abstract feelings etc. and i usually dislike “quote” tattoos but i will make an exception because i want to get a horizontal tat somewhere on my arm of either my favourite sartre quote or my favourite camus quote, because they do actually inspire me. then i want a tattoo of my favourite painting in great colour, very vivid, very realistic, in a way that it looks “framed”, like it belongs to and decorates your body. all other tattoos i want have a geometric feel, i like symmetry, paradoxical shapes, geometric mathematical enigmas/theories etc. most of my drawings have such an aspect to them. finally, a tattoo i really want to get which is kind of connected to this geometric idea i just described is some body part (i.e a heart) or something else (like a flower) which slowly decomposes into a digital framework. like the upper part is going to have realistic petals which will slowly decay into triangular shaped petals, like when you’re digitally creating an item, then into even simpler lines while still maintaining its shape. the notion of decay + technology  really fascinates me.

Anonymous asked: can i rape your archive

sure bro 


Anonymous asked: im so jealous of your trip around europe! firenze is amazing' u get to see the statue of david!!!

the trip is perfectly planned and will be amazing! i’m sure you’ll have trips like this one, there’s no reason to be jealous! uuh i know florence has been my dream town ever since i was so young and first heard about the uffizi gallery and i’ve never been there and i just can’t believe that in less than 2 months i will be walking these historical streets in the birthplace of renaissance and just UNF i think i’ll die from a cultural overdose or sth, my friends and i are so fucking excited we’ve been looking into the greatest areas and everything and i just can’t wait to peek into the italian cuisine, visit great monuments, get lost in the small streets, walk across the river and visit all the small artisan shops of handcrafted leather,paper, all the vintage stores, the beautiful rose gardens, drink wine and cocktails with panoramic views of the old town.. simply appreciate life. and culture. and beauty. and history. 

"It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see."
— ~ Henry David Thoreau (via lonequixote)

(via lonequixote)