Anonymous asked: how am I supposed to react to my best (guy)friend confessing he's gay?(I'm a guy)

you’re not “supposed” to react in any way, just act the way you feel and think it through beforehand. i think as his best friend, you should be there for him and support him. in many countries, cultures, and families being homosexual is a great taboo, especially if you’re a guy. i’m certain that since he came out to you, he really does trust you and expects that you will understand and respect him. i don’t think it’s that much of a problem to be honest, it will only affect your relationship if you let it. i bet he knows that you aren’t into guys, and that’s totally fine, and as long as he respects that then nothing has changed in your relationship- you are a guy that likes girls and he’s a guy that likes other guys. be supportive because if it’s hard for you to accept, just imagine how hard it must be for him to confess to someone else.

Anonymous asked: did you know xanaxprincess before she passed?

we followed each other on tumblr but that’s about it. i know she was a really sweet girl and, honestly, addiction is consuming thing to deal with. she was too young though and i hope she finds her peace wherever she is, i can’t imagine what her family and friends must be going through :/

Anonymous asked: that pic you posted with the girl on the leash is disgusting

nobody cares about what u think